For the Children.

For the Culture.

For the Cause.

Our children represent the future.  Brownsman takes pride in supporting authors and illustrators that seek to expose our children to positive imagery.  Brownsman actively seeks authors that provide words of affirmation, and illustrators that provide images of positive self-love.  Brownsman believes that a strong literary foundation is essential in growth and is committed to promoting this cause for the children.

Our culture is vast, unique, and inspirational.  Brownsman seeks to promote content creators that highlight uniqueness in our community and the beauty within the black culture.  Brownsman actively seeks to inspire new and creative trailblazers.  In doing so, Brownsman seeks to empower individuals that believe in reaching back and helping the next creative trailblazer move up.  Together Brownsman and creators establish a sense of shared success and a vast networking path for the culture.

Our cause is to constantly support the progression of individuality and creativity of individuals within our community.  Brownsman stands on the pillar of individuality and creativity to establish a sense of self pride.  Authors and Illustrators provide inspiration to young minds.  Unique experiences guide creativity and creativity drives learning.  Brownsman encourages learning through promotion of the black heritage, support for the black family, and love for the black community.  Together with the community, Brownsman is for the cause.

Author McAuthorson, Author
  • Novel: Novelton Part 1, Author (children age 8-12)
  • Novel: Novelton Part 2, Author (children age 8-12)

Author McAuthorson was borth in Novelton, Booksota in 1776.  He is the father to three children, and husband to Illus Strator, his wife of 19 years.

He writes fantastical novels about reading, looking at works, and turning words into stories in your head!

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